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Welcome to the Vale of Glamorgan, one of the oldest sites of Christianity in Europe

The Guiness Book of Records states that the oldest school in Britain was at Llanilltud Fawr. (Llantwit Major) Further plans are in hand to develop the Galille Chapel


Legend has it that St David, St Gildas and Samson of Dol were pupils at this establishment. Even St Patrick is believed to have been educated here before he was abducted to Ireland and later became the patron saint.

St Illtud's Church, which was described by John Wesley in 1777 as "the most beautiful as well as the most spacious church in Wales",

There was a monastery at Llancarfan from at least 650 AD, founded by St. Cadoc or Cadog. By the 9th century Llancarfan was a flourishing centre of learning.

Just two examples of the wealth of history and story from the churches in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan.

In addition the visitor can enjoy the unspoilt protected Heritage Coastline of the Vale with dramatic plunging cliffs and tiny secluded coves. The picturesque countryside of rolling hills and wooded valleys is steeped in history, beauty and culture and peppered with legendary villages, historic towns, fine gardens, and medieval castles. See The Garden of Cardiff

Map of Vale Churches