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St Canna Llangan

a hidden gem on the edge of the rural Vale



In the chancel are three stained glass windows. The centre depicts the Ascension of Our Lord and is flanked on one side by St. Canna and on the other by David Jones, the minister famously referred to as ‘the Angel of Llangan,’ who preached here at the end of the 18th. Century. 

Seven brass sanctuary lamps on weighted pulleys hang above the alter rail.

To the west end of the church stands a 9th. century Celtic wheel cross, displaying the crucifixion of Christ as its central figure. To Christ’s right side is the sponge bearer, ‘Stephaton’ and to his left the spear bearer ‘’Longinus.’ A fourth figure carved on the shaft remains unknown. Above this is the bellcote containing two bells.

A 15th. Century Calvary cross with carvings of sacred persons and incidents stands in front of the church.



CF35 5DW: E295754 N177829


Main Service:

Sunday: 11.15: Eucharist: (2nd Sunday of month Family service)


Open Hours:

also Fridays 10.00 -16.00



Portable loo available by prior arrangement


Parking & Transport:

Regular Bus from Bridgend to Cowbridge passes through Llangan. Good Parking;







Disabled Access:


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