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St Mary Bonvilston

12th century items



The well worn phrase "since records began" in the context of St Mary's means 1189. According to the records "Richard, priest of Bonvilston" was the first person who ministered to Bonvilston and he arrived in that year.

In 1189 Britain's faith was Roman Catholic under Pope Clement III; Baldwin of Exeter was Archbishop of Canterbury. King Henry II ruled, and in the January of 1189 he went off on the Third Crusades. In July 1189, he lost the throne to his son, Richard, later called "Lionheart". I wonder what Richard priest of Bonvilston, thought of all this???

We jump now to 1863 when the Norman church had fallen - literally - into disuse and was rebuilt to the Norman pattern on the same foundations by the 'great and the good' of Victorian Bonvilston.

Today you can see the 13th century font, a curious stone plaque that has everyone baffled, some beautiful stained glass and I bet you won't find the OS benchmark carved somewhere on the church! 




(OS)ST064741 (Post Code) CF5 6TY


Main Service:

9:30 am every Sunday


Open Hours:

09:00 to 18:00 during the first week of the month





Parking & Transport:

X2 stops just outside the Red Lion Inn (Ask for this stop) and the church is a short walk from there







Disabled Access:


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