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St Curig's Porthkerry

visited by John Wesley



St Curig’s Church in Porthkerry is situated in the heart of the hamlet with a footpath leading to Porthkerry Park. A church has been on the present site since the 13th century, part of the church building dating back to that time, with the tower being added later, in the 16th century. The tower houses 6 bells, unusual for a church the size of St Curig’s and two of them date back to the 16th century. A cross, believed to be pre-Reformation stands in the churchyard, though sadly damaged. Porthkerry’s coastal location led to the churchyard being used in the past as a burial ground for casualties of the treacherous waters of the Bristol Channel. There are gravestones for three unknown sailors in the churchyard. St Curig’s church was visited by John Wesley on three occasions when he preached in this area. He was a friend of the then inhabitants of Fonmon Castle and stayed both there and at the Dowager House of the estate (now the Fontygary Inn).



Post Code CF62 3BZ ST082666


Main Service:

Sunday Service 11.30


Open Hours:

Saturday 10 am 5pm and during Sunday Service 11.30





Parking & Transport:

Bus service from Cardiff and Llantwit Major Train to Rhoose from Cardiff/Barry/Bridgend



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